"politics-spotlight-republicans-2016-election"Attentions are already turning to the upcoming 2016 elections with members of the Republican party looking to swing state governors.

The Republican party, looking to triumph in the 2016 US elections, are hoping to build on recent success in the mid-term elections to try and garner support from different areas that may have not traditionally supported in the party in the past.

The prospects for the Republicans for the elections in two years time have never looked better, thanks largely to a very high level of dissatisfaction in the Presidency of Barack Obama among people across the country.

Previous staunch Democrats have been found swinging over to the Republican side of the political fence with many voting against their perhaps natural party as a form of protest vote against the Obama administration.

According to the Reuters news agency, the Republican party have turned their attention to three different governors in politically diverse states .

Reuters cite New Jersey’s Chris Christie, Wisconsin’s Scott Walker and Ohio’s John Kasich as governors who are set to feature prominently because of their potential appeal to voters across the political spectrum and not just the traditional conservative voters who have always been the back bone of the party in the past.

The a two-day Republican Governors Association meeting in Florida which started yesterday is seen as a chance for these key players to show their credentials.

 “Voters are clear … all roads lead to a governor or former governor,” said independent pollster John Zogby to Reuters, “The critical mass says, ‘Show me that you’re a consensus builder and show me that you’re a problem solver.'”

Republican strategist Charlie Black told Reuters: “Nobody thought we were going to carry Massachusetts.  Having a favorite son in a New Jersey or an Ohio or a Wisconsin might make a difference.”

As to who will stand up and run in the race for the presidency, there appear to be more than a few choices out there for the Republicans, not only are there the media friendly and Democrat luring potentials already outlined, there are also more traditional governors who could step up and stick their neck out for the party.  Some of the possible candidates include Bobby Jindal of Louisiana, Rick Perry of Texas and Mike Pence of Indiana, according to Reuters.

The race may have hardly begun but already it is looking like the Republican party is planning a shrewd campaign to bring in as many of those undecided voters as possible and to take advantage of the terrible ratings being experienced by President Obama.

The next presidential election is in November 2016. After two terms Obama, a Democrat, is barred from running again, but considering his ratings in the polls, he may be please of the chance to bow out quietly.


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    i am agree with your terms on upcoming 2016 elections with members of the Republican party looking to swing state governors.

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