U.S. Deputy National Security Advisor Denis McDonough addresses the media in Tegucigalpa in this November 28, 2012 file photo. U.S. President Barack Obama is likely to name McDonough his next chief of staff, replacing Jack Lew after his nomination to be treasury secretary, according to sources familiar with the matter. REUTERS/Jorge Cabrera/Files (HONDURAS - Tags: POLITICS)
Photo credit: Reuters

U.S. President Barack Obama will not publicly endorse a candidate before the 2016 Democratic primary election, White House Chief of Staff Denis McDonough said on Sunday.

His statement comes from NBC’s “Meet the Press” interview, where he states that the President and his team would “do exactly what has been done in the past,” He said Obama will be “out there” campaigning after the primary election to help support the Democratic candidate.

During the course of the show, McDonough also responded to questions about whether Obama’s op-ed in the New York Times about gun control was an attempt to call out Democratic candidate Sen. Bernie Sanders, who has waffled on the gun issue over the years. The New York Times article that President Obama had written had stated that he will only campaign for candidates who support gun reform.

“This isn’t only about the [presidential] primary,” McDonough said. “We’ve got a third of the Senate that’s running, we’ve got all the House that’s running, we’ve got state houses and governorships across the country where this is going to be an issue on the ballot.”


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