Democrats call for disbanding of the Benghazi Committee aimed at investigating the events that happened at the U.S. embassy in Libya during Hillary Clinton’s tenure at the State Department, which resulted in deaths of four U.S. officials.

After House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy made comments about the creation of the special committee probing at Hillary Clinton, the House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi said on Thursday that that Kevin McCarthy has explicitly stated that the committee was created to hurt Hillary Clinton’s chances of getting the Democratic Presidential nomination.

According to Reuters, while being on Fox News on Tuesday, Kevin McCarthy revealed the truth behind the Benghazi special committee by stating “Everybody thought Hillary Clinton is unbeatable, right? But we put together a Benghazi special committee, a select committee. What are her poll numbers today? Her numbers are dropping.”

McCarthy is the leading contender for the House Speakership position after John Boehner’s resignation from Congress announcement the previous week. However, trying to correct his mistake and not jeopardize his frontrunner position for the House speaker position, he said that he “did not intend to imply in any way” that the committee was created for political shaming and added that “this is not what you are going to see as Speaker of the House.”

He also stated that the Benghazi committee has been worth the effort because it exposed the email practices of former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

According to Reuters, House Democratic leader Nancy Pelosi said that these kinds of political efforts of the Benghazi Committee are in clear violation of the ethics laws that do not allow taxpayers’ dollars to go for political purposes. She stated, “The question is, is this an ethics violation of the rules of the House? I think he clearly, gleefully claimed that this had a political purpose and had a political success.”

Democrats are now urging for the shutdown of the Benghazi committee two weeks before the panel is set to hold a hearing on the 22nd of October. Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi said that she will keep her members on the panel.

According to Reuters, Speaker of House John Boehner stated that the committee dismissal is out of hand and that the committee would continue its work. He said “This investigation has never been about the former Secretary of State Clinton and never will be.”

The Benghazi special committee is the longest standing special investigative committee in the history of the House of Representatives, but has not produced any worthy information and has not evaluated the 2012 attack in Libya. Republicans have urged McCarthy to apologize in their name for making such a statement and accidentally exposing the political element of the probing committee.


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