U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont and the primary rival of the frontrunner for the Democratic Presidential nomination Hillary Clinton has come closer to Clinton’s lead in the 2016 elections polls in Iowa.

Sanders, a self-proclaimed democratic socialist has garnered a 30 percentage of the opinion polls, his highest since his announcement earlier this year. Iowa state opinion polls are showing a decline of support for the former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, who started at 50% since her campaign announcement in June and is now with 37%.

According to Reuters, the Des Moines Register/Bloomberg Politics Iowa Poll that was released on Saturday shows that Sanders is coming close to Clinton and the Reuters/Ipsos poll on Friday showed that Clinton’s support has dropped significantly and is the lowest since 2012.

Bernie Sanders has accelerated his gain of support, because of his popularity and according to Reuters, he stated that his support is not a benefit from the controversies that are surrounding Hillary Clinton.

Clinton has been facing an investigation by the Federal Bureau of Investigation regarding email communication during her tenure as the Secretary of the State Department. Republicans have been attacking her for being untrustworthy and having issues with transparency. According to Reuters, Republican Presidential candidate, New Jersey Governor Chris Christie said “No one is above the law. She believes certain laws only apply t her.” She has addressed the allegations that she has broke Federal law, and stated that she has not broken any law, rule or regulation that would prohibit her of using a private email for a more convenient communication.

Just like Clinton, Sanders has also been aiming for the vote of the progressive Democrats and has focused his campaign agenda on minimum wages, campaign finance reform, universal health care, government-paid college tuition, economic inequality. His record as a legislator shows that he has been a vocal advocate for the middle class. However, his campaign has not addressed issues of foreign policy and national security.

According to Reuters, while being interviewed on ABC’s “This Week”, Sanders was asked about his voting record on the issue of using military force as a means of intervention in foreign policy. He said “There are times when you have to use military force, no question about it. I am prepared to do it, but that is the last resort, not the first. I think historically, in too many instances, the United States has gone to war often unilaterally when we should not have.”

Sanders is gaining large crowds because caucus voters like him, that he is authentic and does not run a negative campaign. Polls show that Democrats are genuinely voting for him and not as a revolt against the Democratic frontrunner Hillary Clinton.


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