Democratic Presidential hopeful Bernie Sanders has a strategy of stalling the Union endorsement until he lays out his complete vision of union protection.

U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont has a unique agenda of getting the endorsement of unions with stalling the process. His supporter group Labor for Bernie has asked the national unions to remain neutral during the campaigning process, so that Sanders would be able to demonstrate his full agenda and convince the labor that he is the best Democrat for the White House.

According to Reuters, Union activist Cliff Smith said that Sanders was unknown to him, but after the Senator made his speech at the Los Angeles sports arena in front of 27,000 people, Smith changed his mind. He stated “The other candidates – they talk in these very calculated, milquetoast, vague ways –they just don’t come across as human. He just seems like your next-door neighbor.”

Sanders has made protection of unions and American jobs a central part of his Presidential race, which in return has accumulated large audiences at his campaign rallies for the 2016 Elections. His supporters say that he may be better than the Democratic frontrunner Hillary Clinton regarding labor unions, because he has clear and strong stances on trade and raising the Federal minimum wage.

Both Democratic rivals started getting the endorsements of particular unions, such as Sanders getting the National Nurses United and Clinton getting the American Federation of Teachers and the International Association of Machinists and Aerospace Workers.

Meanwhile, Clinton and Sanders have been making further efforts of getting new endorsement, filling Labor Day weekend with picnics and parades in New Hampshire and Iowa. They both attended the festivities in an effort to court the unions.

According to Reuters, Clinton said “I am looking for additional endorsement as we go forward. I am not taking anything for granted. I am going to work hard to win as much support as I possibly can.” Clinton’s campaign spokesman Jesse Ferguson has also stated that “Hillary Clinton is working hard to earn the support of the working men and women, because they share a common commitment to a working families agenda that makes the economy work for every American, not just those at the top.”

On the other hand, Sanders has been loyal to workers and unions for decades and has been spending his birthdays with union members. According to Reuters, Dennis LaBounty, the political director of the Vermont State Union Council, said “We’d sing happy birthday to Bernie. Bernie would talk 15, maybe 20 minutes, and then there’d be dancing. He’s done that for 15, 16 years.”

Hillary Clinton is still the leading Democrat for the Presidential nomination with 46% versus Sanders’ 24%. However Sanders has gained a 9 points lead among party supporters in New Hampshire.


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