"john kerry news"The US Secretary of State, John Kerry has spoken about the need for stronger links between the US and India, particularly in relation to international trading ties and cooperation.

Kerry was speaking ahead of a visit to India by President Barack Obama during an international investor conference.

According to John Kerry it is vital that India fosters better economic links in order to help to boost the economy of the country while also fostering a better approach to climate change.

Currently bilateral foreign direct investment now stands at nearly $30bn according to a report by the BBC.

When Barack Obama visits India at the end of the month he will be the guest of honour during celebrations for Republic Day in India.

According to a report by the BBC, speaking at the investment conference in the western Indian city of Ahmedabad, Mr Kerry described Indian PM Narendra Modi as a “visionary prime minister”.

He added: “We can do more together, and we must do more together, and we have to do it faster.

“Together, we can create an environment where all of our companies play leading roles in bringing cutting-edge technologies, equipment, capital, and know-how not just to India but to countless countries that need this growth and development now.”

Mr Modi used the opportunity to pledge to cut the red tape in India, pursue predictable policies, ensure stable taxes and make India the “easiest place” to do business.

“We are trying to complete the circle of economic reforms speedily,” he said.

Modi added: “We no longer live in a world where a country is going to be competitive if the bureaucracy sends people from door to door and window to window and meeting to meeting.”

While no concrete plans to work together between the US and India have been made official yet it is widely anticipated that there could well be a deal relating to solar energy between the two counties in the future.

A solar project would be used to help to provide electricity in India to some of the poorer, rural areas of the county and it is hoped that the deal will be struck during the visit of the President on January 26.

This is not the first time that there have been calls for India and the US to work together more closely, back in September Mr Modi and President Obama called for a “new agenda” between their countries according to the BBC


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