"michael fallon"The special relationship between the US and Britain has been reaffirmed by British Defence Secretary Michael Fallon, further cementing this historic relationship.

Britain and the US have long had an understanding between each other with strong ties politically throughout the decades.  The bond between the two nations is so strong that often Britain is referred to as the 51st state.

In such politically uneasy times such as this it is always good to know who has your back and Michael Fallon has very clearly stated whose side Britain is on stating that “when the chips are down”, Britain will be there with the US.

Recently thee have been fears that cuts to the military and defence budget in the UK could potentially weaken the alliance between the nations but Fallon was keen to reaffirm the position of Britain.

According to a report by Reuters,  the U.S. army’s chief of staff said earlier this month that he was very concerned about the impact of spending cuts on British defence and future cooperation with London, traditionally a staunch U.S. ally.

The Americans may have cause for other concerns when it comes to the future in Britain, especially because of the upcoming general election which is currently too close to call.  It is not known if the current Prime Minister David Cameron of the conservative party, will return to office or if his Labour opponent Ed Milliband will take the top job in May, but wither way it is likely that both parties will need to form a coalition of some sort to be able to take full control of the government.

The conservative party has traditionally backed defence spending but the other parties are less keen on projects such as the controversial Trident defence system and will be looking to slash this from the agenda, leaving the US to ponder the future of defence spending in Britain.

According to Reuters, Fallon, who held talks with U.S. Defence Secretary Ash Carter earlier this month, said Washington and concerned British lawmakers had nothing to worry about.

“The U.S. understands what really matters in today’s unstable world. When the chips are down, the UK will always be at their side,” Fallon wrote in the Daily Telegraph. “Our American friends know that the UK is not about to let down its guard.”

He made it clear that whatever the situation back in Britain, that the United States knew it could rely on Britain, saying that when Carter greeted him in Washington earlier this month he told him: “Thank God we’re in this together.”


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