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The Republican Governor of New Jersey Chris Christie has launched his long shot campaign for the Republican candidacy for the 2016 Elections.

Christie, a two term governor of New Jersey, on Tuesday during a speech at his former high school in Livingston, New Jersey announced his formal run for White House and used a familiar rhetoric with which he plans to solve the dysfunction in Washington.

Starting as a leader of the Republican nomination pack for the Presidential candidacy by the Republican Party, he has become one of the lowest ranking hopefuls. His speech was a way to improve the outcome of the opinion polls, which have not served him well in the previous period. He has fallen behind in the pack of 14 Republicans that are bidding for their party’s nomination due to the Bridgegate closing scandal, as well his poor performance in his home state after credit downgrades and a very weak job growth.

Having little approval of Conservatives from the Republican Party, he has failed to bolster his image because of his leaning towards the Democrats, particularly after superstorm Sandy and his close relations with President Barack Obama.

However, being a straight talker, Christie has made digs at both President Obama and the Democratic frontrunner Hillary Clinton. According to Reuters, he stated that Obama has shown “hand-wringing and indecisiveness and weakness in the Oval Office.” Hillary Clinton was criticized for running Obama’s poor foreign policy as a Secretary of State, about which Christie said “After seven years of weak and feckless foreign policy run by Barack Obama, we better not turn it over to his second mate, Hillary Clinton.” He also remarked that if he was the Republican candidate he would beat Clinton fair and square.

Not engaging in a speech of promises, he stated that he plans to have a spin-free race that will not entertain what is popular among Americans, rather on what is right for America and that would be enough to fix the country.

According to Reuters, Christie has called for compromise by both the Democrats and thevRepublicans in order to face the challenges. He said “Both parties have failed our country. Both parties have led us to believe that in America, a country that was built on compromise, that somehow now ‘compromise’ is a dirty word.”

Christie is establishing his base on his image of in-your-face talk, with his record of shouting to hecklers things like ‘Sit down and shut up’ and according to Reuters he said that “You are going to get what I think whether you like it or not, or whether it makes you cringe every once in a while.” The Republican hopeful has vowed to bridge the partisan divide in Washington with blunt talk alone and that he means what he says and that he says what he means.


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