"chris christie rep"New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, has admitted that he will be taking a risk in his presidential campaign by putting Social Security and Medicare at the centre of his candidacy.

Christie is proposing cutting social security and Medicare if he makes it to the White House following the 2016 Presidential elections.

According to a report by Reuters: “There is no political upside to it,” the Republican told more than 200 local residents who gathered to size up Christie ahead of a summit of potential 2016 Republican presidential candidates this weekend.

Christie is looking to bring in radical changes to the social security and Medicare programmes in the US with plans to not only cut social security benefits for some upper-income seniors in the country but also raising the premiums associated with Medicare.

He said that he considered the entitlement programmes that have long been in place in the US have been considered for too long to be toxic subjects in politics and he appears to be the man to tackle these issues head on.

Chris Christie had been an early front runner in the race to the White House but he has seen his ratings drop recently and is hoping that the new pledges will help to raise both his profile and his chances to become the Republican candidate.

According to Reuters, Christie is trying to resuscitate his fading White House aspirations by billing himself as a blunt truth-teller willing to tackle the country’s most intractable problems. His brief political circuit in New Hampshire, which holds an influential early nominating contest, is billed as the “Tell It Like It Is” tour.

During an event in New Hampshire he was asked: “I hope this country won’t solve its problems on the backs of its seniors,” Ann Chiampa, 61, of Londonderry.

He responded to the challenge by stating: “My goal for Social Security and Medicare is to make sure it’s there for the people who need it.

He added: “The system won’t survive any other way.”

Social security was not the only issue being tackled head on by Christie as he has also called for revisions to the federal Medicaid programme, which provides healthcare to the poor, saying states should have more control over how the program is funded and administered, according to Reuters.

After the event, Chiampa said Christie deserved credit for addressing entitlement reform. “They have to do something,” she said. “Or else it won’t be here for my kids.”


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