"hillary-clinton-election-news"The elections for the role of US President may not be until 2016 but already speculation is rife about who will be stepping forward to run with one of the most likely candidates being Hillary Clinton.  However Clinton is expected to draw differences with president Barack Obama if she does run according to a report by Reuters.

John Podesta, an adviser to the president and a potential campaign chairman for the former secretary of state, spoke to Reuters and gave his opinions on how the race could pan out drawing on his years of experience as a former chief of staff to President Bill Clinton and who is now counsellor to Obama.

“I’m probably going to leave in early February,” he told Reuters in an interview. “Then I’ve got to figure out what I’m doing in life.”

While Podesta may not know what he is going to do in the short term, if Hillary Clinton announces that she officially intends to run for the position of President then it is widely expected that he will be the chairman of her campaign, which may account for why he is standing down now.

He told Reuters: “If she decides to run, I told her I’d do anything I can to help her,” he said, adding it was “up to her” whether he served as chair.

“I started going door to door in Iowa in 1967. Maybe I’ll come back and do that again,” he joked.

According to Reuters, although Obama and Clinton fought bitterly for the 2008 Democratic nomination, they formed a bond when she served as his secretary of state. Podesta said they agreed on a lot, but she would highlight divergent opinions as well, if she runs.

“I’m sure she’ll have some different views from the president. The president understands that, I think, expects that,” Podesta said.

“I’m sure there will be differences, but for the most part I think that she respects greatly what the president’s been able to accomplish with respect to the economy, national security and healthcare in particular.

 “They both have a progressive view of what it’s going to take to try to ensure that the economy’s working for the middle class.”

It seems the Clinton campaign is already all worked out, now all we have to wait for is for Hillary Clinton herself to declare herself in the running, which if she is successful would make her the first ever female president of the United States.


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