Photo Credit: CNN
Photo Credit: CNN

Bernie Sanders’ senior strategist floated his candidate as a potential running mate for Hillary Clinton if she wins the Democratic nomination.

After Politico’s Glenn Thrush said that Clinton advocates suggested that Sanders is their key to turning out young voters in November, senior Sanders strategist Tad Devine said, “Maybe they’re going to put him on the ticket then. I don’t know what that means.”

When asked if Sanders would consider being Clinton’s running made. Devine said, “I’m sure — of course, anyone would — but I don’t think there’s any plan for that, certainly no one’s talking about anything like that. He wouldn’t ever think about a decision like that unless it was done in the right and proper way.”

Electing Senator Bernie Sanders makes the most practical sense as it does help Hillary Clinton win over voters under the age of old. Bernie Sanders does well with new voters, younger voters, Independents, and white male Democrats. If Clinton and Sanders teamed up, they would have every segment of the Democratic Party behind them, and they would have a built-in appeal to younger voters that will be lacking in the Republican ticket if Trump is the GOP nominee.

All you had to do was watch Sunday night’s debate in Flint, Michigan, to realize Sanders isn’t nearly ready to quit, although the two candidates’ shoulder-to-shoulder proximity no doubt sparked dreams of the 74-year-old democratic socialist, improbably spritzed by the political fountain of youth, barnstorming with Clinton on college campuses come October.

Will Clinton and Sanders really share the Democratic ticket in 2016? It is doubtful. Former Sec. of State Clinton will likely look for a younger and perhaps more geographically balanced running mate. The idea of a Clinton/Sanders ticket is fun to think about, but political reality makes it unlikely.

The one lesson we’ve learned in 2016 is that anything is possible, and easiest way for Hillary Clinton to capture younger voters in 2016 would be to add Bernie Sanders to the ticket.

Summarised from Politico


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