"ted cruz republican"President Obama may be an easy target for conservatives and the latest to turn their attention to attacking the President is the conservative Republican Ted Cruz.

Senator Ted Cruz from Texas, may not be one of the most well known names in the Republican party but he appears to be doing well with the crowds as he considers his future and whether or not he will make a in for the top job himself in 2016.

During a visit to New Hampshire, Ted Cruz took the opportunity to lash out at the Obama administration, claiming that they had trampled on the constitution and gaining support from the crowd as he did so.

According to a report by Reuters, Cruz, who is exploring a run for the White House in 2016, struck a defiantly aggressive tone during a speech in the first state to hold a presidential primary election, slamming Obama on his handling of immigration, negotiations with Iran and his signature health care reforms. The freshman senator from Texas was one of four Republican presidential hopefuls who paid weekend visits to New Hampshire, which has tended to favour moderates in recent years. The flurry of activity marks the opening salvo in a primary race that still lacks a clear front-runner.

Ted Cruz said: “We’ve got to get back to defending our Constitutional liberties.”

He added: “We’ve never seen a federal government come after the Bill of Rights like this administration.”

While his strong words and passion for the subject garnered him a good deal of support he would not be drawn to announcing his intention to run for president, despite one supporter even offering a blank check to the Republican in support of a presidential run.

Cruz avoided having to make an outright decision on his position regarding the presidency by instead turning his attentions back to policy of the future and calling for a flat rate level of tax to allow all Americans to “fill out his or her taxes on a postcard.”

The palin speaking, conservative views of Cruz certainly stuck a chord with those in New Hampshie.

“He’s strong, he’s honest and he goes by the book,” said Bob Raas to Reuters, a 70 year old retired truck driver from Barrington.

New Hampshire was the focus of a lot of attention over the weekend by members of the Republican party with visits to the state by the former Florida Governor Jeb Bush, former Texas Governor Rick Perry and Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker, all keen to gain support here.


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