Democratic Presidential candidate Bernie Sanders talked about the Charleston events on Sunday and announced his progressive policies regarding equality in South Carolina among a group of supporters.

After a canceled appearance in Charleston in June because of the horrid massacre at the Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church, leaving nine African-Americans dead, Sanders made a visit in North Charleston.

His campaign staff also met with Charleston chapter of active group Black Lives Matter and according to Reuters activist Muhiyidin D’Baha said “They’ve been really good in receiving critique. We’re really hoping that we have impacted his message.” Black Lives Matter is an activist group that protests court decisions of not charging white police officers for the murders of black men in Ferguson and New York.
Sanders has been rallying for universal equality and according to Reuters he said in the speech “I am not just talking about somebody who walked into a Bible study class, prayed with the people in that group and then took out a gun and killed nine people. I’m talking about the hundreds of hate groups that exists in this country today whose only action is formenting of hatred of African-Americans, gays, immigrants, Jews.”
According to Reuters, he said also mentioned the unarmed black men by name Michael Brown, Eric Garner, Walter Scott and Freddie Gray, who were killed by police officers in the previous year and stated “We are going to end institutional racism and we are going to transform and make change in the criminal justice system that isn’t working. When a police officer breaks the law, that police officer must be held accountable. We need new rules on the use of force.”
Sanders has been gathering support in early voting states for the first nominating contests for 2016 Elections. He is supported by 29% of Democrats and other American voters, with 10 points than in July. Hillary Clinton remains the frontrunner for the Democrat Presidential nomination with 47% support, according to a recent CNN poll. He has raised $15 million from 400,000 different individual donors, with no Super PACs attached to him.
According to Reuters, his supporters say that he says what he means and supporters have said that he is the candidate who does not benefit from the super wealthy and the corporations and “He is getting the money out of politics”, according to Matt Thomas, a college student.
Democratic Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont is quickly gaining broader support from the Democratic Party because of his progressive populism. His campaign announcement followed Hillary Clinton’s announcement as a more progressive alternative. Sanders is a self-described socialist who vows to rebuild the middle class.


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