The former Rhode Island Governor Lincoln Chafee dropped out of the Presidential race on Friday because of low polling rates among the Democratic field of Presidential hopefuls.

Chafee ended his long shot Presidential campaign in a speech during the Democratic National Committee’s Women’s Leadership Forum in Washington.

According to Reuters, he stated “After much thought I have decided to end my campaign for president today”, but added that he wanted to take the chance to call for peace in the world one more time and said that he will continue with his calls for pulling out the military troops from overseas and ending the wars in the Middle East, a call which has been a central part of his campaign.

Lincoln was a Mayor of Warwick before being called to substitute his father at the U.S. Senate and served one term in office before losing the re-election. He then ran as an independent for Governor of Rhode Island and won. It is interesting to note that Lincoln became a Democrat in 2012, but because of having low poll numbers he did not run for a second term.

The support for his Presidential campaign was minimal or non-existent compared to his Democratic rivals like frontrunner Hillary Clinton and Democratic socialist Bernie Sanders. According to a Reuters/Ipsos poll Chafee’s poll numbers registered less than 1 percent from the surveyed. He also had hard time raising funds and had only $400,000 by the end of September.

He also did not do well at the primary Democratic debate this month and was heavily criticized for answering a question about a legislation he voted for while in the Senate with the excuse of being new there, that he inherited his father’s position and basically did not know what he was voting for.

With Chafee’s exit from the Democratic primaries and Jim Webb’s drop out in the previous week, the Democratic field of candidates is now comprised of Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders and Martin O’Malley.

The speculations of a possible Biden candidacy ended when Vice President Joe Biden stated that he would not run for the White House, thus securing Clinton’s lead for the Democratic Party nomination. Chafee himself referred to Clinton’s lead during his speech that she had a good week, with him and Webb dropping out, Biden announcing he won’t run for President and her excellent testimony at the House Benghazi committee. She also happens to have gotten a major endorsement this week by the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees with more than 1.6 million members.

Lincoln Chafee’s long shot campaign resonated with himself as well as he has said that he cannot bet at himself getting the Democratic nomination.


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