President Barack Obama and Democratic Presidential frontrunner Hillary Clinton criticized Republican Presidential candidates for their rhetoric about the Iran deal and other policies.

The President, while being on a tour throughout Africa has commented to reports that the Republicans have made some horrendous statements in respect to the Iran agreement, his own policies and Republican policies on the whole.

One of the Republican Presidential contenders, Mike Huckabee, a former Governor of Arkansas has made comments regarding the Iran deal, that it would be very tough on Israel and that it would march Israelis right to “the door of the oven”, referencing the Nazi gas chambers that killed six million Jews in the Holocaust. According to Reuters, Obama said that Huckabee’s comment is  emblematic of a slide in public discourse from the Republican Party and stated that “The particular comments of Mr. Huckabee are, I think, part of just a general pattern that we’ve seen that…would be considered ridiculous if it weren’t so sad. We’ve had a sitting senator call State Secretary John Kerry ‘Pontius Pilate’. We’ve had a sitting senator who also happened to be running for president suggest that I’m the leading state sponsor of terrorism. These are the leaders in the Republican Party.” Obama was referring to Republican Presidential hopeful Ted Cruz who is vocal about disagreeing with Obama’s foreign policy and Senator Tom Cotton who compared John Kerry to Pontius Pilate, the man who sentenced Jesus to be crucified.

Former Secretary of State and U.S. Senator, Hillary Clinton also addressed the comments made by Huckabee and said that she found them rather offensive. According to Reuters, she stated “One can disagree with the particulars of the agreement to put a lid on the nuclear weapon s program of Iran, and that is fair game. But this steps over the line.”

Obama also remarked on Donald Trump’s comments about Mexican immigrants being rapists and criminals, as well as his attack on undermining the heroism of Senator John McCain, who was captured and tortured during the Vietnam War. According to Reuters, Obama said “When he’s made some of the remarks…challenged the heroism of Mr. McCain, somebody who endured torture and conducted himself with exemplary patriotism, the Republican Party is shocked, and yet, that arises out of a culture where those kinds of outrageous attacks have become far too commonplace.”

Hillary Clinton also said that she was very disappointed in Trump and says that “enough is enough.” The Iran deal was agreed between the United States, the European Union, the United Nations, France, Germany, China and Russia and because of that President Obama thinks that the Republicans cannot go against the entire world and should offer real arguments against the deal.

The Anti-Defamation League’s Director Jonathan Greenblatt issued a statement as well saying that there should be a serious debate in the next five weeks in Congress and everyone should conduct responsibly, including Presidential candidates.

Obama made the comments on Monday to defend the Iran deal, as well as to put his mark on the 2016 Elections.


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