Democrats are still very much for Vice President Joe Biden to jump late into the Presidential race ahead of the 2016 Elections and challenge Democratic frontrunner Hillary Clinton.

Half of the Democrats interviewed in the latest Reuters/Ipsos poll have demonstrated their support for Vice President Biden and think that he would be a great President if he decided to run for the White House.

According to Reuters, there is speculation that Biden is very close to making a decision and he could quite possibly enter the race due to growing support for the Draft Biden committee. The Reuters/Ipsos poll shows that 48 percent of Democrats that were polled want him as a candidate and 30 percent say that he should not run. Independent voters are somewhat divided on the question, with 36 percent saying that he should run and an equal percent who are saying that he shouldn’t.

However, not all of those who support Biden’s run for the White House are ready to give their votes for him. Only 17 percent of those surveyed say that they would consider Biden as their first choice, and 46 percent backing former Secretary of State and frontrunner for the Democrat Presidential nomination Hillary Clinton.

If Biden jumps in the race he would be behind Clinton’s main rival, U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont and would have a difficult time raising funds for his campaign, since Clinton has garnered a massive financial and organization support so that he would be able to challenge it.

According to Reuters, Steve Schale, the Democratic strategist of Draft Biden in Florida, who has helped establish the political action committee for Biden’s run said that the Vice President would gather a much larger following if he decides to make an official run for the White House. He stated “There’s an element of people – they know they like him, but they are not willing to give him their vote yet.”

Biden has also consulted with the Democratic National Committee about the deadlines for the qualification for the state primary ballots which are in early November, meaning he must make a quick decision. However, making that decision has been slowed down by Biden’s loss of his son earlier this year and is still under a personal timetable.

Biden will not be participating in the primary Democratic debate on Tuesday in Las Vegas, which will include Lincoln Chafee, a former Governor of Rhode Island, Martin O’Malley, former Governor of Maryland, former Senator Jim Webb of Virginia, Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont and former Senator and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.


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