Photo credit: Slate
Photo credit: Slate

Leading Democrats and Democratic fundraisers on Friday signed a letter urging U.S. Vice President Joe Biden to join the Democratic Presidential candidates in the 2016 Elections race.

More than 50 Democratic donors and activists are asking Biden to challenge Hillary Clinton, the frontrunner for the Democratic Presidential nomination, because in their opinion the Obama administration has been a “spectacular success” due to the low unemployment rate, health care and non-interventionist foreign policy with Iraq and Afghanistan.

According to Reuters, the letter shows a growing support for Biden with Democrats stating that if he decides to run he would have a substantial support by the establishment. The letter states “To finish the job, America needs a leader who is respected both home and abroad, and who understands the real challenges facing American families. In our opinion, the next president must be Joe Biden. If he announces he’s running, we are all in. It’s a campaign we know he will win.”

Biden has been exploring the field for a possible Presidential run for a month now and has met withkey Democrats, including Senator Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts and many other advisers. A political action committee Draft Biden has been formed in order to seek funds for his Presidential campaign.

According to Reuters, Jon Cooper, the finance chairman of Draft Biden said that the Vice President has great support among Democrats. He stated “For everyone who signed that letter, there are at least one or two more ready to commit to him the moment he says he’s running.”

Many supporters of Hillary Clinton have made public statements that they might support Biden if he decides to run, because Clinton has been facing significant backlash from the email controversy that contributed in her decline at the national polls. However, many others are still faithful to the former Secretary of State, but are reconsidering her chances of succeeding in the bid for the White House.

According to Reuters, Joseph Asher, one of the signers of the letter stated “Obviously, the race may be shaping up not as some people have expected and obviously Secretary Clinton has had some real issues with her campaign. But you know I’m not a supporter of Joe Biden because I’m anything other than thinking that he is the guy, the best person for the job.”

The recent Reuters/Ipsos poll shows 46% support for Clinton, 27% for Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders and 16% for Joe Biden, despite him not being an official candidate.

The Vice President’s office had no comments on the letter.

Biden has been hesitant to jump in the 2016 Election race because of his son Beau Biden’s death earlier this year, leaving the Vice President in an emotional state unfit to run a Presidential campaign.


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