Republican Presidential frontrunner Donald Trump made an unexpected campaign stop in New Hampshire to pick up and endorsement from a police union.

It is very uncommon for real estate mogul Donald Trump to make such stops and according to Reuters, Trump made a televised appearance to pick up the endorsement from the small police union. The appearance was broadcast that night on cable television. Trump stated “I do not normally do stops like this, but for you, I came.”

Trump has been taking his campaign to the people in a rather different way compared to the other contenders for the Republican nomination for President at the 2016 Elections. While others have been taking every chance to shake as many hands as possible, Trump has been ditching such traditional ‘retail politics’ and has been making only high profile rallies and television appearances.

He has put his name out in the media and the general public with ease, making controversial statements with a highly unorthodox strategy. His proposals to build a wall on the Mexican border to hold off rapists and criminals and his latest rant for banning Muslims from entering the United States have given him the top spot in the race for the Republican nomination and helped him overshadow establishment candidates such as Jeb Bush. His jab at former Secretary of State and Democratic Presidential frontrunner Hillary Clinton made him top news of the day when he called her losing to President Obama at the nominating contests of the Democratic primaries in 2008, as being schlonged, a Yiddish term for male genitalia.

The Donald’s political incorrectness has brought him much support from conservative Republicans who seem to be frustrated with Washington politics. According to Reuters, Michael Dennehy, a New Hampshire Republican strategist stated “Trump is an anomaly because of the overwhelming frustration voters have of Washington. He simply is tapping into that and voters are overlooking the heavy retail component that Trump has not been able to engage in – partly because of his strong popularity and large crowds.”

It is yet to be proven whether refraining from ‘retail politics’ is successful for Donald Trump. His numbers in the national opinion polls show that he is still leading the crowded pack of Republican Presidential candidates, but he is trailing behind his rival Senator Ted Cruz in Iowa, which is the first nominating state and will host the primary contests on the 1st of February. However, Trump is leading in New Hampshire, the second state in line which will hold its primary contests on the 9th of February.


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