The frontrunner for the Republican Presidential nomination Donald Trump on Thursday has signed a pledge of allegiance to the Republican Party that he will not run as an independent candidate if he loses the Republican nomination for the November 2016 Elections.

The long effort of the Republican national Committee has finally come into fruition with getting Trump to sign a pledge to the Republicans of not running for President as an independent in case he does not get the Party nomination. The real estate mogul and businessman who has gathered a large crowd of followers because of his conservative rhetoric regarding immigration and foreign policy, has announced at a press conference in the Trump Tower in Manhattan that he gives his loyalty to the Republican party.

He had a meeting with the Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus during the afternoon and later on came in the lobby of Trump Tower where he declared the loyalty pledge.

According to Reuters, he said “I see no circumstances under which I would tear up that pledge.” He also added that he received “absolutely nothing other than the assurance that I would be treated fairly” in return for his pledge.

In the previous weeks Trump has refused to make the pledge and during the Republican primary debate the previous month in Ohio he was booed for his refusal to rule out an independent run. The Republican National Committee has been making efforts to get Trump to vow loyalty to the Party, due to his great popularity among conservative Republicans, which could easily vote for him if he decides to run as a third party, thus, taking votes from the Republican Presidential nominee.

However, Trump is announcing his pledge because of Jeb Bush issuing a video of Trump in previous years supporting Hillary Clinton and saying that he has more Democratic views on taxes, abortion rights and universal healthcare.

According to Reuters, Republican Jeb Bush, who lost the frontrunner position because of Trump’s policies and conservative campaign, as well as the fading support in the opinion polls, tweeted a picture saying “Voted Republican since 1972.” Other candidates like Governor Chris Christie said that the pledge was “just a little too much drama.”

In order to keep his gathered supporters, Trump succumbed to the pressure to do this move and although the pledge is meaningful only for the primary race because it is organized by the state parties, it has no substantial worth during the general election that are organized by the state government.

All of the 17 Republican candidates have pledged to support the eventual GOP nominee with the ultimate anti-establishment candidate Donald Trump embracing the Republican establishment.


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