Donald Trump is still holding on to the frontrunner position for the Republican nomination for the 2016 Elections, even after urging the United States to ban Muslims from entering the United States territory.

According to the newest Reuters/Ipsos poll conducted on Friday, right after the billionaire White House hopeful made his controversial remarks about the Muslim population worldwide, wanting to ban all Muslims from entering the states, whether they are travelers, students or immigrants. The poll demonstrated that he is still leading the pack of Republicans with a 35 percent support from those surveyed.

Those who were surveyed have said that they are not bothered by his statements, but said that maybe Trump should tone down the rhetoric because other voters might find him hurtful. Out of those surveyed, 29 percent said they were offended by his remarks, but 64 percent said they were not bothered by it. However, the poll also shows that Trump has succeeded in polarizing the electorate with 72 percent of Democrats and a 47 percent of voters despite their ideology have stated that he offended them and that he is going to hurt his chances of winning the Republican nomination.

According to Reuters, Donna Fee, 57, from Missouri said “He’s really saying what everybody else is feeling. I really think he needs somebody to calm him down, you know. I really think he needs to learn to use a filter.”

The real estate mogul and businessman has been making rather tough comments after the mass shooting in California where a Muslim couple killed 14 people. Republicans have jumped in and characterized the event as a terrorist attack and linked the Muslim couple to the Islamic State militants. They called for tighter screenings of immigrants entering the states, but Trump has been the loudest and took the debate to a darker place and in turn, the entire world community has come out attacking him for making such un-American comments.

However, it seems that the Republican conservative constituency is in tune with Trump’s remarks. According to Reuters, Alan Abramowitz, a political science professor at Emory University stated that Trump’s Muslim comments are not different from his previous comments. He said “There is clearly a large sentiment of the Republican electoral base that responds very positively to the things Trump has been saying.”

Dr. Ben Carson has placed second in the polls, following Trump with 12 percent, while Senator Ted Cruz of Texas and former Florida Governor Jeb Bush are tied at third place with 10 percent each.


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