Businessman and real estate mogul Donald Trump announced on Sunday that he would increase fees on visas for Mexicans as a plan to fund the building of a wall on the U.S. – Mexican border if he is elected President.

Trump, who became the frontrunner for the Republican party Presidential nomination for the 2016 Elections, during an appearance on NBC’s “meet the Press” said that all undocumented immigrants will be deported during his term in the presidency and that he would rescind President Barack Obama’s executive order that is supposed to protect 5 million undocumented immigrant from deportation and create a path for earning an American citizenship.

As part of a plan to build a wall on the Mexico border, Trump issued a policy paper on Sunday in which he vows to increase fees on visas for Mexican diplomats, chief executives and North American Free Trade Agreement workers in case Mexico refuses to pay its part for the border wall. The 1994 NAFTA agreement eliminates most tariffs and barriers of free trade and investment between Mexico, the United States and Canada.

According to Reuters, Trump made sharp comments directed at the Mexican government and stated “The Mexican government has taken the United States to the cleaners. They are responsible for this problem, and they must help pay to clean it up.”

The issued policy paper also includes a proposal of tripling the number of Immigration and Customs Enforcement officers, eliminating the tax credit payments to illegal immigrants, increase of penalties for those who overstay their visa and prohibiting the policy under which children of illegal immigrants receive automatic citizenship and limit the refugee and asylum seekers opportunity to enter the United States.

He said that every person who wants to apply to enter the United States legally must first provide clearance on taking care of housing, healthcare and other things on their own.

He also said he would pause the issuing of green cards to foreign workers in order to save American jobs. According to Reuters, he stated “This will help reverse women’s plummeting workplace participation rate, grow wages, and allow record immigration levels to subside to more moderate historical averages.”

The Mexican government did not comment on Donald Trump’s proposal policy. However, according to Reuters, they stated that Mexicans have always been making a huge contribution to the United States economy and that the migration between the countries has reached zero in 2012.

Trump started his Presidential campaign strong on immigration policies, which caused a lot of conservatives to see him as a potential Republican nominee for President. He rose to the frontrunner position and surpassed Jeb Bush with comments about Mexicans being rapists and criminals. He has been under attack by many human rights groups and activists on making politically incorrect comments about women’s rights, racism and foreign interventionism.


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