"hillary clinton 2015"Recent revelations about a private email account held by Hillary Clinton could not have turned up at a worse time for the potential presidential candidate but it turns out that donors to the Democrat party have been unfazed by the scandal.

According to a report by Reuters, some of the top donors to the Democrat party have not let the issues about the private email account held by Hillary Clinton while she was Secretary of State put them of supporting her.

The issue over the email account, which has been making headlines in the US since last week could have damaged Hillary Clinton’s prospects of becoming the front runner for the White House from the Democrats, especially as she had managed to largely avoid any controversy in recent years.

While Hillary Clinton has played down the claims and has urged for transparency in the case it has led members of the Republican party to claim that the private email account shows that she was acting in a secretive way that could have potentially threatened national security.

According to Reuters:  “Do I think it will affect her fundraising? I doubt it,” said Miami physician and Democratic bundler J.P. Austin. “She’s the front-runner. She’s still the person to beat.”

Lena Kennedy, a Pasadena donor and bundler, added: “I just think Hillary needs to address the questions, and then we need to move on.”

Hillary Clinton has already spoken out about the claims relating to her private email account and used twitter to ask for her emails to be made public to prove that she had nothing to hide and it is widely expected that she will be making a more formal address to the public about the situation sometime this week.

While for some this could be a nail in the coffin for a potential run at the presidency, it appears that Hillary Clintons’s long record of public service goes before her and that it will not have an adverse effect on her campaign when she finally opts to formally announce her intentions to stand for the presidency.

Democratic donors told Reuters their view of Clinton had not been affected. Nearly all said that although they preferred a contested primary because it strengthens the eventual victor, they still believed Clinton would ultimately secure the Democratic presidential nomination for 2016.

Most also said it was unlikely that a strong enough challenger would emerge who could siphon away a significant amount of cash from Clinton.

“I think the big takeaway from my conversations has been a general feeling amongst the network of which I’m a part that she should hurry up and announce,” said Allan Berliant, a Cincinnati bundler who has been talking with potential donors.


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