Being very close to the primaries for the 2016 Elections, the Republican Party had its fourth Presidential debate which was characterized by swift attacks against Donald Trump and the rise of Jeb Bush.

The Tuesday’s debate held at the Milwaukee Theatre in Milwaukee, Wisconsin and hosted by Fox Business Network had a slightly different format with fewer candidates on stage. Chris Christie and Mike Huckabee were knocked off the main stage and joined Bobby Jindal and Rick Santorum at the 7 PM debate, while Lindsey Graham and George Pataki were eliminated from both stages.

The debate started with no opening statements and the candidates were able to start with their arguments at once on the topics of the debate, which were the same as the previous debate; taxes, the economy and foreign policy.

Jeb Bush was the candidate that succeeded to gain some momentum after his disastrous performances in the previous three debates that cost him his support from the Republican establishment. He even hired a media coach and rebooted his campaign with a new slogan ‘Jeb Can Fix It’.

According to Reuters, Bush had his moment in confronting Donald Trump who said that the United States should stop being the policeman of the world and that he was ok with Russian President Vladimir Putin “wanting to go and knock the hell out of ISIS.” Bush interjected quickly stating “We are not going to be the world’s policemen, but we sure as heck better be the world leader.” He added that Trump’s views were “like a board game. That’s like playing monopoly or something. That’s not how the real world works.” Bush also attacked Trump on his immigration policy stating that it is not possible to deport millions of illegal immigrants and that it was not in American values to even suggest so.

However, even with his improvement, Bush is far behind his competition, primarily Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio, who managed to maintain their position and their lead at the debates. They dismissed all criticism and earned the social media sentiment, while Dr. Ben Carson reiterated his claims of having a truthful biography, after he came under fire was allegedly lying about being offered a scholarship to West Point.

Trump also maintained his position and familiar debate style, but improved in making more in depth responses on topics such as the economy and foreign policy. Carly Fiorina was another candidate that maintained her position and entered in an intense debate with bush and Trump on foreign policy in the Middle East, suggesting specific policies for each country in the region.

One candidate that finally made his case is Kentucky Senator Rand Paul, who with his libertarian teachings defended his anti-war stance, challenging the hawkish character of the Republican Party.

The next Republican debate is more than a month away, scheduled for the 15th of December, with enough time for the candidates to capitalize off the gains from their debate performances and set a strategy for the primaries in February.


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