George Pataki launches his long shot White House bid

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Yet another Republican candidate emerged with a speech in New Hampshire’s Exeter. George Pataki has announced his bid for President in 2016 elections and acknowledged that the run will be a long one.

George Pataki, a former New York governor with three terms under his wing, has been making some low-key campaigning in the previous months in Florida and New Hampshire and only this Thursday he has officially announced his White House bid with the GOP, making him the eight Republican candidate to make a formal bid.

His campaign is a long shot, since he barely makes the polls of the Presidential race nationwide and it is very uncertain that he will even make the first Republican debate of the top 10 Republican candidates, especially when there is still an expectation of other White House hopefuls to announce their candidacy and jump in the race, with well known names such as former Florida governor Jeb Bush.

According to Reuters, Pataki made a speech this Thursday in Exeter, the founding place of the Republican Party and stated that the Republican policies have cut the number of people that are on welfare and that he will fight for a simplified U.S. tax code, a smaller government and repeal President Barack Obama’s signature healthcare law.

He reminded the audience that the events of September 11, 2001 have happened at the time when he was in office as a governor of New York and that the experience has given him insight in the fight against the Islamic State, making him the only Republican candidate for a Presidential nomination to actually say that he is ready to deploy U.S. troops and start a war with the Islamic State.

According to Reuters, he said “If necessary, American forces will be used to actually defeat and destroy ISIS, so that they can no longer be a threat to us here”.

He also acknowledged that he is aware that he is starting the race from the bottom and that his run will be a tough one. According to Reuters he stated that “It will be a very stiff climb up a very steep mountain, but that has not stopped me in the past”.

It is uncertain if George Pataki will make a nationwide campaign in his bid for President or limit the race in the state of New Hampshire. He has very little time to gain some name recognition, and the fact that no donors or prominent elected officials have embraced his candidacy does not help him. He is a moderate voice in the Republican Party and may do well in states like Iowa and South Carolina, however he has lost his political significance that he enjoyed in his terms in office and since then his power has weaned.


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