"Lindsey Graham"The U.S. Republican Senator Lindsey Graham, is the latest politician to step forward and declare his possible intentions to stand for the Presidential race of 2016.

Lindsey Graham is known for being a leading congressional voice on foreign relations and he spoke this weekend about how he has now put together his own committee to look at his possible chances at running for the position of president in 2016

According to a report by Reuters, Lindsey Graham, who has represented South Carolina in Congress since 1995, was asked on NBC’s “Meet the Press” programme about reports that he was having polls conducted to determine his chances.

“We’re not polling but we set up a testing-the-waters committee … that will allow me to look beyond South Carolina to whether or not a guy like Lindsey Graham has a viable path,” he said.

He added in the interview broadcast across the US: “I don’t know where this will go but I’m definitely going to look at it. I think the world is falling apart and I’ve been right more than wrong when it comes to foreign policy, but we’ll see.”

Many politicians are stepping up to show their interest in becoming President when Barack Obama stands down in 2016 but Lindsey Graham has some powerful allies in Washington that could see his bid pushed forward.

Reuters noted that just last week Senator John McCain, the unsuccessful Republican presidential nominee in 2008, said he was encouraging his close friend to run and joked that Graham was his illegitimate son.

“The good news is that I guess I’m in John’s will and can get part of the estate,” Graham said.

Reuters reports that Lindsey Graham has a reputation as being hawkish on military intervention abroad but has also come under fire from the Republican Party’s more conservative factions for working with Democrats on issues such as immigration and climate change.

While Lindsey Graham may have a good chance at becoming the Republican nominee, he will be potentially joining a big list of men keen to take the top job and bring a Republican back into the White House as president.

Currently the contenders most likely to put their names forward includes 2012 nominee Mitt Romney, New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, former governors Jeb Bush and Mike Huckabee, Senators Ted Cruz and Rand Paul and former surgeon Ben Carson.

And the Republicans won’t just have to get the support of their party alone, they will have to pit themselves against a Democrat candidate with Hillary Clinton, a woman who has considerable experience in the White House already both as the former first lady and in her own political right, looking like a very strong possibility for becoming the first female president of the US.


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