cyber crimeIt has been revealed that Russian hackers manage to compromise White House security and gain access to the emails of President Obama.

According to a report by the New York Times, the Russian hackers were able to read emails in President Obama’s unclassified emails, with the incident occurring last year.

The hack had been admitted to previously but the report by the New York Times claims that the breach in the security that led to the emails being read had been on a far more intrusive level than had been previously admitted.

According to a report by the BBC, officials have conceded that sensitive information was in the unclassified system the hackers accessed.

When the incident occurred last October and was discovered it led to a partial shutting down of the email system within the White House as a precaution to prevent any further security breaches.

“The hackers, who also got deeply into the State Department’s unclassified system, do not appear to have penetrated closely guarded servers that control the message traffic from Mr Obama’s BlackBerry, which he or an aide carries constantly,” the New York Times said.

“But they obtained access to the email archives of people inside the White House, and perhaps some outside, with whom Mr Obama regularly communicated. From those accounts, they reached emails that the president had sent and received.”

In the newspaper report, there ae quotes from White House officials who are saying that no classified networks were compromised, and that the hackers accessed no classified information during the incident last year.

The report continues to state that many senior officials have two computers in their offices, one which works on a highly secure classified network and another for unclassified communications.

However, the report concluded that that officials have conceded that the unclassified system often contains information that is considered highly sensitive, including schedules, email exchanges with ambassadors and diplomats, debate about policy and forthcoming personnel deployments and legislation.

This latest scandal involving email systems and the security of these systems within American politics highlights the need to tackle cyber crime and the importance of protecting digital information.


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