"health-care-reform-news"Republican Darrell Issa will be questioning witnesses regarding the new overhaul of the health system in the US as part of the House Oversight Committee, including questioning about the remark from a former supervisor who called said voters has acted with “stupidity” over the health care reforms.

The committee, which has been overseen by Darrell Issa for four years, is used to question the government over acts and reactions and in the past has been used as a way to probe issues such as the IRS scandal and deaths of US citizens in Libya.

It is hoped that the committee will reveal a broad spectrum of opinions and delve deeper into specific issues relating to the health care reform.

Issa will be leading the questioning of the former health adviser Jonathan Gruber. Gruber, has become infamous for his comments regarding voters on health reform and recently said sorry for saying Americans’ “stupidity” was key to the new health laws being passed in 2010

While Gruber will be centre stage at the committee questions will also be posed to a top administration official who wants to be questioned away from Jonathan Gruber.

The timing of the hearing by the committee is key as it comes at a time when leading members of the Democrat party have also been debating just how beneficial the entire health programme actually is to the US and if it was wise to devote so much of the first year of Obama’s presidency to a single, controversial cause.

The issue of health care is now causing rifts within the democratic party which is already trying to recover from mid term failures and needs to come together to be a genuine force against the Republicans if the party has any chance of future success in elections.

While the committee may reveal some interesting facts, it is unlikely that it will have any bearing at all on the law itself, especially as President Obama has already said that he intends to use his right of veto if plans to overturn his health care reform are tabled by the Republicans, none of whom voted for the reform in the first place.

The results of the committee will be interesting for many to see, especially any new revelations about the actions of Jonathan Gruber, who has already been seen by many as a controversial figure within the reform as he sways from one side to another in his opinion.

Whatever the outcome, one thing is for sure, that President Obama will not be backing down on his health care reform, no matter how hard the Republicans try to fight it.


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  • Jim Liston

    I think it’s pathetic that the United States ranks behind most countries on many measures of health outcomes, quality, and efficiency. There are many reasons for this and I’m not saying that Obama care will solve them, but we have to do something. Instead of our government officials pointing fingers, they need to work together and solve the problem.

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