Photo Credit: AP
Photo Credit: AP

Democratic Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton addresses the recent poll results which show that her support has been falling. She said that it didn’t matter and that it is a normal occurrence. Democrat opinion polls for the 2016 Elections have been showing great diminishment in Clinton supporters in comparison to the self-proclaimed Democratic socialist Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont.

The Iowa polls show that she they gap between the main Democratic rivals has been closed. According to Reuters/Ipsos national poll on Friday, Clinton’s 30 point lead has fallen to only 8 percentage points.

According to Reuters, Clinton while being on a campaign event in Iowa said that she is waiting for the Democratic primary debate to start so that she can demonstrate to the voters that she is the right choice. She stated “You’re supposed to have an election, you are supposed to have a contest. When we start the debate, we will star to draw contrasts not only as I do all the time with the Republicans, but where appropriate with my Democratic competitors.”

Clinton once had a major lead in the primary voting states of New Hampshire, Iowa and South Carolina, but because of the email controversy that was revealed in March of this year and which still lingers on her campaign trail, she has lost a lot of her constituency that deems her as untrustworthy and dishonest.

Clinton has apologized for her use of personal email for conducting government communication and said it was a mistake and takes full responsibility, even though no rules have been broken and no classified information at the time has been sent or received.

According to Reuters, she said that she does not think this is a serious blow to her campaign. She stated “I’m not one of those who ever thought this was going to be a straight shot. I’ve been in and around enough campaign to know there’s an ebb and flow. Polls go up and down; people’s decision making changes over time.”

While being at Northern Iowa University in Cedar Falls she said she is grateful for a “vigorous” discussion of ideas with Bernie Sanders and that the Democratic debates will give them a chance to “talk about where we agree and disagree. In the Democratic primaries and caucuses, you have to try to earn every single person’s support. That’s what I intend to do.”

Clinton has to take Sanders seriously or she will risk alienation of the Democratic establishment that is backing her right now. Sanders has taken the opportunity of Clinton’s email scandal to gather large crowds to his campaign rallies. The primary Democratic debate is scheduled for Las Vegas on the 13th of October.


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