Hillary Clinton, the front-runner for the Democratic Party’s Presidential nomination for 2016 Elections, made a speech on Monday to make her economic agenda one for the average American. This is the first major policy speech of her campaign for the White House.

As promised by her campaign that Clinton will give major economic address to the nation, she made a speech this Monday putting her fight for higher wages at the primary of her economic agenda, with promising middle-class wages to be raised in proportion with the raise of executive income and company profits. She called for companies to share more of their profits with the employees and for a broad reform of the national tax code.

According to Reuters, during her speech at the progressive liberal New School University in Manhattan’s Greenwich Village, she stated “I believe we have to build a growth-and-fairness economy. You can’t have one without the other. Corporate profits are at near-record highs and Americans are working as hard as ever but paychecks are barely budged in real terms. Families today are stretched in so many directions and so are their budgets.” She made a promise to push a broader reform of U.S. corporate tax code and a way for hard-working Americans to benefit from the corporate profits that they have been helping to produce for a long time. The promise holds that this agenda of profit-sharing would be good for both workers and businesses, boosting employee productivity and more profits.

In regards to Wall Street, she did not waste words and promised to go beyond the 2010 Dodd-rank law that put tough regulations on the financial industry. According to Reuters, she said “Too many of our major financial institutions are still too complex and too risky and the problems are not limited to the big banks that get all the headlines.” She also warned that “Serious risks are emerging from institutions in the so-called shadow banking system including hedge funds, high-frequency traders, non-bank finance companies and entities which receive little oversight at all.”

She also took digs at the Republican candidates, especially Jeb Bush for his recent statement that Americans must work longer hours, as well as Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker for being against public unions and the Senator Marco Rubio for not having a tax reform plan that suits American people.

This speech of setting a framework for a more sustainable economic future comes in a time when Clinton faces competition from Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont, a Democratic Presidential hopeful; however she still remains the Democratic Party’s front-runner for the nomination and has a safe place at the opinion polls.

The former First Lady, U.S. Senator and Secretary of State, Clinton is to make a series of speeches aimed to give a more detailed look in her economic agenda that puts raising the minimum wage, as well as creating universal preschools and her plans for infrastructure investments.


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