(Photo Credit: REUTERS/Jim Young)  The frontrunner for the Democrat Presidential nomination Hillary Clinton on Tuesday got the endorsement of the Service Employees International Union, boosting her support as she tries to win the candidacy for the 2016 Elections.

The decision of the Service Employees International Union to endorse Clinton as their champion gives her a momentum in garnering the vote of labor and labor unions, which are one of the central parts of the Democratic constituency.

According to Reuters, the Service Employees International Union President Mary Kay Henry said that the leaders of the union “collectively agreed that the best choice for our union was to endorse Clinton.” She also added that the leadership had a thorough evaluation of the Democratic candidates who sought their endorsement and reached their conclusion based on the candidates’ positions, as well as “who can win in a general election.” Henry also said that “she’s (Clinton) willing to use executive authority to change the lives of working people who are working their hearts out in poverty jobs.”

The Service Employees International Union, which backs the fast food workers, has 2 million members nationwide and has been a strong supporter of the $15 minimum wage movement, but Clinton’s stance on the minimum wage differs from the Union’s pledge. During the second Democratic debate on Saturday, Clinton has stated that she supports a $12 national federal minimum wage and that she believes that this is the minimum, but reiterated that places like Seattle, Los Angeles, New York City can go even higher to $15, each state individually. Senator Bernie Sanders, on the other hand, has pledged to raise the minimum wage to $15 an hour as a federal minimum.

According to Reuters, after winning the Service Employees endorsement, Clinton said that she was deeply honored by the Union’s decision and stated “As President, I will be proud to stand with SEUI and fight alongside them – to defend the workers’ right to organize and unions’ right to bargain collectively, to raise incomes for working people and the middle class, and to ensure that hardworking Americans can retire with dignity and security.”

The Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton besides the Service Employees International Union has won the endorsement of the National Education Association, the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees and the American Federation of Teachers, while Senator Sanders of Vermont has been endorsed by National Nurses United and the American Postal Workers Union.

Clinton is still in the lead for the Democratic nomination with 56 percent of support, against 31 percent for Bernie Sanders.


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