Democratic frontrunner for President in the 2016 Elections Hillary Clinton won the endorsement of the labor union that represents U.S. building trades with more than 3 million workers, making it a total of 16 union endorsements before the Democratic primary.

Last week Clinton unveiled her infrastructure plan of $275 billion and was quickly endorsed by the North America’s Building Trades. According to Reuters, Sean McGarvey, the President of the union said that her plan is “robust, yet very practical.”

The North America Building Trades Union is a group that is consisted of 14 unions that represent more than 3 million skilled workers and one of the unions is the International Heat and Frost Insulators, who endorsed Clinton earlier this week. The President of the Insulators union James McCourt has sent a letter to Clinton in which he praises her “recognition of the significant contributions of our members to energy efficiency.”

The endorsement makes it a total of 16 labor unions that have officially endorsed Clinton as the best candidate for the presidency. This makes it a total of 11 million skilled professionals, out of 14.6 million workers who are union members and who make 11.1 percent of the entire workforce.

According to Reuters, Clinton issued a statement thanking the endorsements and said “I am honored to receive the endorsement of the Insulators Union, whose leadership in energy efficiency is essential to making America a clean energy superpower.”

Up until now, the former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has been endorsed by most of the major unions including the American Federation of State, County and Municipality Employees, the Service Employees International, the National Education Association, and the American Federation of Teachers. On the other hand, her main rival for the Democrat nomination U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont has been endorsed by National Nurses United and the American Postal Workers Union.

All of the unions are under the umbrella of the AFL-CIO, a federation that is consisted of 56 labor unions that represent more than 12 million workers. The AFL-CIO has stated that they will not make an official endorsement before the primary elections, a tradition they have set in a couple of previous elections. However, securing labor unions in such a quick time before the nominating contests in February, demonstrates that the American working class is ready for Hillary Clinton and is giving her the momentum needed ahead of the 2016 Elections.

Securing worker votes is a crucial element in winning the general elections and Clinton’s emphasis son jobs and infrastructure is a move in the right direction in garnering the working class voter.


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