Democratic Presidential frontrunner Hillary Clinton met with Black Lives Matter activists on Friday to fortify her lead in the Democratic primaries.

Former Secretary of State Clinton met with activists concerned with African-American rights at the National Council of Negro Women in Washington and spent 90 minutes speaking plainly about the issues that concern the Black Lives Matter movement.

Clinton spoke about the role of police in communities, the allocation of police resources and violence against transgender African-Americans. She has made these issues a part of her policy due to rallies of activists, primarily in Cleveland, Ohio where Clinton mentioned Black Lives Matters and was urged to get rid of private prisons and invest in black transgender women.

According to Reuters, civil rights activist DeRay Mckesson who is one of the leaders of the Campaign Zero group aligned with Black Lives Matters said that Clinton has informed the activists that she will end private prisons and told them that she would develop a national standard on use of force. Mckesson also tweeted a video showing Clinton stating “You’re a better person than me, wanting to love folks who kill somebody. I can’t, I just can’t do that… Listen, I will forgive them, but I’m not going to love them.” She also added the violence against trans women of color should be considered a national crisis.

The national movement of Black Lives Matters has gained a momentum this year with protests after the tragic mass shootings that involved the police and unarmed black men. The movement is rallying against racism in policing and the criminal justice system.

According to Reuters, Clinton’s team spent more time meeting with the activists and discussed her platform that is to be released in the upcoming weeks. The activists stated that they were finally heard by a Presidential candidate and that they can’t wait to see the contents of her platform. Democratic Presidential candidates Bernie Sanders and Martin O’Malley have faced criticism earlier this year for failing to speak out against police violence.

Clinton has been enjoying great support by the Democrat establishment in the race for the 2016 Elections, but her rival Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont has been narrowing the gap in the national polls with 45 percent of respondents supporting Hillary and Sanders with 27 percent.

Clinton’s Presidential campaign is set to release a policy on reforms in the criminal justice system and policies that would address racial issues including the militarization of police, the so-called “school to prison” pipeline and the violence against black members of the LGBT community. Black Lives Matter movement will decide on endorsing Clinton after the release of her platform.


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