(Photo Credit: REUTERS/Brian Snyder) Frontrunner for the Democrat Presidential nomination Hillary Clinton is set to unveil her $275 billion infrastructure spending plan this week which will help in job creation.

Clinton’s campaign has said that her plan to increase the government’s infrastructure spending by $275 billion over the next 5 years will be supported by transforming taxes for business, with $25 billion out of the total will be used for earmarking an infrastructure bank and it is expected that the proposal will be encouraging for private investment that, together with the federal government spending, will introduce a total of $500 billion for the rebuilding of roads, bridges, buildings and other infrastructure.

According to Reuters, while being at the launch of “Hard Hats for Hillary” at Faneuil Hall in Boston on Sunday Clinton stated “My jobs plan starts with investing in infrastructure, not just because jobs are good paying jobs, though they are, and not just because we desperately need to invest in building our future again, which we do, but because investing in infrastructure makes our economy more productive and competitive across the board.”

While being in Boston, she added that the Boston construction industry has been hit very hard during the financial recession and made a pledge to rebuild “ladders of opportunity available to anybody who is willing to work hard” in order for workers to enter the middle class.

The Hard Hats For Hillary is a group that is consisted of union workers that are part of the skilled trades, such as carpentry. Clinton’s 2016 Elections campaign has stated that according to a recent study the median wages for workers in the infrastructure sector, which are $38,810 per year, were a couple of thousand dollars higher than the national median for all workers.

Modernizing the infrastructure is much more favored by Democrats than Republicans and Clinton’s main rival in the Democratic field of Presidential contenders U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont has proposed a $1 trillion infrastructure plan and in the Obama administration’s 2016 budget he proposed a $478 billion surface transportation plan for the course of the next six years. However, Clinton in her proposal in Boston stated that in comparison to other candidates, she is the only Democrat that will create jobs and not raise taxes.

Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s proposal is planned to attract the working class Americans who are a crucial part for victory in the general elections. This proposal will mark the beginning of Clinton’s month long job creation focus.


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