Clinton-ChinaHillary Clinton, the Democratic Presidential candidate for the 2016 Elections, on Saturday blamed China for spying on the U.S. government and talked about Iran and the Russian President Vladimir Putin.

While doing her campaign rally, Democrat Hillary Clinton visited early voting state New Hampshire and during a campaign event she spoke about the recent spying scandal in which China and the U.S. have been involved. She accused China of stealing commercial secrets and a great amount of government information.

Hillary Clinton, being the front-runner of among the Democratic hopefuls in the White House bid, used a very direct language in addressing the problem with China. Even though China negates the scandal and says they have nothing to do with it, the U.S. is strong in the opinion that it was Chinese hackers that got government information. President Barack Obama’s administration has listed China as the top suspect of the hacking scandal that compromised personnel records of 4.2 million current and former government employees.

According to Reuters, Clinton said that “They are also trying to hack into everything that does to move in America. Stealing commercial secrets … from defense contractors, stealing huge amounts of government information, all looking for an advantage.”

Having served as the U.S. Secretary of State from 2009 to 2013, Clinton has also addressed the growing military and how it threatens U.S. alliance with Chinese neighbors in Southeast Asia. She stated “We also have to be fully vigilant, China’s military is growing very quickly, they are establishing military installations that again threaten countries we have treaties with, like the Philippines because they are building on contested property.”

Talking about Iran’s nuclear program she mentioned that Tehran is getting very aggressive and that talks in Vienna among global powers and Iran should stop Iran’s nuclear program and with that the sanctions against Iran’s economy would be lifted. This deal must be reached before the deadline of the 7th of July. However, Clinton is not sure that Tehran’s aggressiveness will end there and according to Reuters, has stated “They will continue to be the principal state sponsor of terrorism. They will continue to destabilize governments in the region and beyond. They will continue to use their proxies like Hezbollah. And they will continue to be an existential threat to Israel.”

She also mentioned that the way America deals with the Russian President Vladimir Putin and his territorial ambitions must be done very smartly and that Russia’s expansion with the annexation of Crimea, a Ukrainian territory, is a real challenge for the United States. She said that since the Ukraine is not part of NATO, there was little NATO allies could do, however because of the persona of Vladimir Putin, America must remain thoroughly engaged in that region. According to Reuters, she said “I’ve dealt with him. I know him. He’s not an easy man … But I don’t think there is any substitute other than constant engagement.”

U.S. official have accused China for several cyber-attack throughout the years, with the last being the massive hack of the Office of Personnel Management.


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