Clinton addresses supporters at her kickoff rally.
Clinton addresses supporters at her kickoff rally.

Democrat Presidential frontrunner Hillary Clinton called on African-Americans on Friday to not be tempted by Republican Presidential hopeful Jeb Bush in the 2016 Elections.

The former Secretary of State and U.S. Senator Hillary Clinton attended the annual convention of the Nation Urban League at a same-stage appearance along with the Republican Presidential candidate Jeb Bush.

Bush has started his moderate policies with expanding in to Hispanic neighborhoods and African-American churches. It has never been a Republican agenda to do so.

Clinton, a fighter for equality, made a speech in which she never mentioned Bush by name, but took a dig at his campaign’s slogan “Right to Rise”. According to Reuters, she said “I don’t think that you can credibly say that everyone has a ‘right to rise’ and then say you are for phasing out Medicare or for repealing Obamacare. People can’t rise if they can’t afford health care.”

Bush has been making speeches in which he stated that he would reform Medicare and make it more fiscally stable with the raise of retirement age and making wealthy beneficiaries pay more money. He also vowed to repeal the Affordable Care Act, the signature law of President Barack Obama and said he would replace it with a “catastrophic coverage” that would come to action in times when people can no longer afford health care.

After Clinton’s speech, Bush came on stage and did not address Hillary’s attack on him, but instead talked about unity. He later said that he did not hear Clinton’s statements. In his speech however, he attacked Democratic policies that have not succeeded in fixing the education system, which in turn raised unemployment, inequality and poverty.

According to Reuters, he said “I want to work with the Urban League movement to end this injustice once and for all.” He received a moderate applause from the African-American crowd and Clinton on the other hand received a large round of applause when she spoke.

According to Reuters, Allie Brandenburger, the campaign spokeswoman for Bush said that Clinton’s statements were “Just more false, cheap political shots to distract from the fact that Secretary Clinton has no record of accomplishments to run on in this race.” She added “The Urban League deserved better today.”

African-Americans have always been a faithful voting bloc of the Democratic Party and The Republicans have never put an agenda that would prioritize the racial equality. Jeb Bush is the first to start partially acknowledging the racial inequality after he learned that Republicans need to build up their support including minorities, due to the loss of the 2012 Presidential Elections.

The National Urban League conference included the other Democratic hopefuls, Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders and the Maryland Governor Martin O’Malley who are in full support of racial equality.


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