Former US Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton inducted into the Irish America Hall of Fame

The frontrunner for the Democratic Presidential nomination for the 2016 Elections Hillary Clinton said on Sunday that she would take the relationship between the United States and Israel “to the next level”.

While being at the annual Washington Saban Forum at the Brookings Institution, a conference that is dedicated to the relations between the united States and Israel, she was asked about what she would do on her first day in office if elected President in 2017 and according to Reuters, her response was “I would extend an invitation to the Israeli prime minister to come to the United States to work towards very much strengthening and intensifying our relationship on military matters.”

She also spoke that a one-state solution will never work and that Israel and the United States should seek for a two-state solution. However, she acknowledged that she would ask the Palestinian authorities to bear in mind that under the two-state solution, Israel would be a Jewish state and the Palestinian leadership and the Arab League would have a Palestinian sovereign state. She also mentioned that if the Palestinian authorities and the President Mahmoud Abbas fail to maintain order in the region, it would be quite conceivable to see the black flag of the Islamic State fly over Palestinian territories.

Clinton also expressed her concerns about what are the threats that Israel is facing now and said that the extremism throughout the Muslim world is one of them, as well as the aggressive government of Iran and the constant effort of delegitimizing Israel in international bodies.

She reassured Israeli supporters that in case Iran makes any violation, no matter how small it is, there would be consequences and that if only one member state of the United Nations Security Council deems that Iran is breaking the Joint Comprehensive Plan for Action, it would be enough to put the economic sanctions back on Iran.

According to Reuters, Clinton also said that military options are not going to be “taken off the table” if she were Commander in Chief, when dealing with Iran and said that Iran is already demonstrating some “provocative behavior” that could violate the nuclear deal. She also mentioned that the terrorism by the Islamic State will have to be fought online, but also on the ground.

The Saban Forum in Washington was attended by other political figures, including featured speeches by Israeli Defense Minister Moshe Ya’alon and the United States Secretary of State John Kerry.



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