Former US Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton inducted into the Irish America Hall of Fame

Democratic Presidential frontrunner Hillary Clinton won the endorsement of the government employees’ union on Thursday, pushing her lead even further in securing the Democrat nomination for the 2016 Elections.

Clinton won yet another union endorsement in a series of endorsements this month and the latest one is by the American Federation of Government Employees, which has more than 670,000 members in 1,100 locals nationwide that have unanimously agreed with her vision and program.

According to Reuters, the American Federation of Government Employees issued a statement saying that they have interviewed Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton before making their decision. However, they did not mention the Governor of Maryland Martin O’Malley and also said that no Republican responded to their questionnaire. They said in their statement that the “AFGE needs to make sure that whoever occupies the White House values our work and our agencies’ mission to serve the public. We need someone with the spine to stand strong against the anti-government ideologues that want to shut down the government and eliminate your jobs.”

They also said that she is a very powerful ally in the ongoing fight to raise wages, expand benefits, create good paying jobs and preserve workplace rights.

She has expressed her honor of being endorsed by the union and has stated that the AFGE workers make American run by protecting the national security and keeping American families healthy by doing food inspections and serving the military in civilian support roles.

Clinton’s campaign is very aware that gathering the support of unions is a very important element for all Democratic campaigns and until now, Clinton has secured herself the support of 18 national labor unions that have a membership of more than 12 million working Americans. Some of the major endorsements are the American Federation of State, County and Municipality Employees, the National Education Association, the American Federation of Teachers, and the North America Building Trades Union.

On the other hand, Clinton’s main rival in the race for the Democratic nomination, U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont and a self-proclaimed democratic socialist has landed the endorsement of National Nurses United and the American Postal Workers Union.

The former Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton is building a momentum two months before the primary elections in Iowa that will be crucial in securing the presidential nomination of her party. According to the latest Reuters/Ipsos poll from the 4th of December, Clinton is leading the pack of Democratic candidates with a 56 percent support of those surveyed, while Bernie Sanders is trailing behind her at 32 percent.


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