The United States House of Representatives on Friday passed a temporary bill for the federal government funding through Wednesday, but they failed to agree on legislation and instead gave more time to the Congressional legislators to work on a $1.15 trillion spending bill for federal government programs that run through September.

The House approved the measure by a voice vote and President Obama signed it into law.

If the Congressional legislators failed to reach an agreement or postponed the vote by midnight, the government would have to shut down some agencies due to no funding plans and the national parks would be closed, as well as some other programs would be disturbed such as veterans’ assistance and education loans.

The Congressional Democrats have been pushing lawmakers to pass the spending bill and not drag the issue, because it has been postponed for too many times. The Congressional Republicans are the ones that block efforts to pass the legislation to fund the government through September of 2016, because they have been making efforts to attach policy measures to the spending bill that include some controversial topics such a proposal to lift a ban on crude oil exports and make much tougher the screenings of Syrian refugees that seek entry in the United States.

According to Reuters, House Majority Leader Republican Kevin McCarthy said that the earliest vote on the bill would probably be next week on Tuesday evening, which means the Senate would have more than 24 hours to reach the new funding deadline. He stated that Democrats are not right in saying that the House would need to pass a longer temporary funding bill, also known as a continuing resolution or CR. He said that Republicans are intending to have a spending bill passed next week and said “It is our intention to have our work done and not need to pass any further CRs.”

On the other hand House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi during a debate on a permanent renewal of expired tax breaks stated that Congressional Democrats would not vote on the measure as it is proposed and that it should not be combined with the spending bill.

According to Reuters, she stated on a news conference that the House Republicans have a too expensive tax “extender” and that it has too many breaks for oil companies and special interest. Republicans also denied Democratic demands to index the child tax credit for working families to inflation.

Pelosi stated the Republicans could pass their tax plan without the help of Democrats and she said “We will not be accomplices.”


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