Republican representatives voted to defund the women’s health care organization Planned Parenthood on Friday to make time for a full investigation of the abortion scandal.

The House of Representatives voted along party lines on Friday to freeze federal funding for one year of the organization. The vote of 241-187 approved the legislation to block the funding, so that Congress would have the time to make a full investigation about the controversy that has been following the health care provider this year.

The legislators also passed the bill to tighten restrictions on abortion doctors for violating infant protection in a vote of 248-177.

The Republican led Congress was facing a government shutdown on the 1st of October for not having a plan to extend federal agencies funding. House Speaker John Boehner delayed voting on a spending bill and instead put forward these two legislations.

The health care organization is under fire for alleged aborted fetal tissue sale for profits after secret videos were released earlier this year that show high ranking officials of the organization arranging payment options.

The organization is denying these claims saying that they have broken no rules and that every payment was for procurement and transport of the body parts to the biological companies that conduct scientific research. They say that this is yet another attempt by Republicans to involve politics in women’s reproductive rights.

According to Reuters, during the House debate for the legislation, Democrat Representative Carolyn Maloney of New York stated that these legislations were “attempts to criminalize legal medicinal care and punish women by rolling back reproductive choices.”

However, investigation until now has shown no wrongdoing by the organization which Democrats have argued on the House floor and reiterated that there have been no criminal charges pending against Planned Parenthood.

The White House urged Republican led Congress once again to start debate on budget in order to ease automatic spending constraints.

According to Reuters, White House spokesman Josh Earnest said “I would not envision a long extension of funding at current levels, but rather enough time for Congress to finally convene the talks, reach an agreement and implement it.”

This is only a symbolic vote in the House of Representatives to freeze government funding of the health care provider, because it is expected Senate Democrats to block the measure. House Democrats are accusing their Republican colleagues of only wanting to make yet another government shutdown, making it two shutdowns in two years.

Planned Parenthood is still opening their doors to millions of Americans seeking birth control, cancer screening and other preventative care all over the country and say that nothing that Republicans have done so far will endanger their the reproductive health care they provide.


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