"president obama immigration"The controversial immigration bill put forward by President Obama has hit a new wall as the House of representatives has voted to pass a bill to try to halt the plans tabled by Obama regarding recent immigration initiatives.

As part of the US political process the immigration bill will now move to the Senate for their approval but already the White House is ready for a disappointing result and has stated that the President will veto this if needs be.

The proposed immigration bill for the US was first put forward by President Obama back in November and he said at the time that he intended to use his executive authority as president to bring in the changes that would see huge changes affecting many thousands of illegal immigrants already living in America.

The Republicans in the House have always opposed the bill and after the mid term election results allowed them to take control of both houses this month it had been widely expected that they would use this new advantage to block the bill.

President Obama is able to use his veto as President to override decisions but the Republicans have said that a move such as this would be an overreach of his authority and would be unconstitutional.

President Obama has been adamant in his desire to change immigration rules in favour of those coming into the country and this latest vote is the most recent move by the Republicans to block the bill as best they can.

Basically the immigration bill aims to provide a form of temporary relief for immigrants who may be facing deportation from the United States.

According to a report by the BBC: “This executive overreach is an affront to the rule of law and to the Constitution itself,” Speaker of the House John Boehner said after the vote.

He added: “The people made clear that they wanted more accountability from this president, and by our votes here today we will heed their will and we will keep our oath to protect and defend the Constitution.”

According to the BBC, this is just the beginning of this latest immigration battle between Republicans, who since January control both chambers of Congress, and administration officials who are determined to carry out the president’s unilateral actions.

Senate Democrat Robert Menendez accused Republicans of “playing Russian roulette with our nation’s security”.


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