Asa HutchinsonBeing politically correct is something that has become increasingly important over the decades with legislation usually being brought in to counter discrimination, rather than to promote it but the new Religious Freedom Restoration Act (RFRA) could be the one to buck the trend.

Now the Arkansas Governor Asa Hutchinson, is appealing for a review to the  RFRA claiming that rights activists and U.S. businesses said that it effectively allowed for discrimination against gays.

Hutchinson has some big name backing in his calls with the corporate giant Wal-Mart praising his move.

According to a report by Reuters, Indiana’s governor a day earlier said lawmakers should fix a similar RFRA. After it was enacted last week, the state was hit with protests, threatened boycotts and warnings from powerful U.S. firms of pending economic damage for being seen as standing against U.S. ideals of inclusion.

Hutchinson had previously said that he intended to sign the bill but he has now confirmed that he would be sending the bill back to be re-written in a bid to create a better balance for the tolerance of diversity and the protections of religious freedoms.

“We want to be known as a state that does not discriminate, but understands tolerance,” Hutchinson said according to Reuters. “We just didn’t get it perfect through that legislative process.”

The governor brought a personal element to his argument when her revealed that even his own son had asked him to reconsider the bill and to veto it moving forward.

According to Reuters, Hutchinson, who is 64, recognised a generational divide over same-sex marriage.

“The issue has become divisive, because our nation remains split on how to balance the diversity of our culture with the traditions and firmly held religious convictions. It has divided families and there is clearly a generational gap on this issue.”

The backing of Wal-Mart to veto the bill has helped to boost the profile of the issue while around 40 tech industry leaders, including the CEOs of Yelp, Twitter, AirBnB, and PayPal, have also joined the passionate debate.

It appears that government is listening to the people as according to Reuters, Republican lawmakers met LGBT leaders in Indiana to see how they could modify the new law to protect their community from potential discrimination.


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