"jeb-bush-news"Political dynasties have always been a feature of American politics but the question on the lips of many Americans is if they are willing or ready to take on another member of the Bush family in the White House.

This week Jeb Bush, the brother of former US President George W Bush, has announced that he is looking at potentially running for president in 2016 which would see him following in the footsteps of both his brother and his father.

Writing on his Facebook page, the former Florida governor will “actively explore the possibility of running for President”.

According to the BBC Jeb Bush is looking to create a political action committee to “facilitate conversations with citizens across America”.

However, while Jeb Bush may be a well known name it may not stand him in the best of positions as many in the country were left disillusioned in politics after the presidency of George W. Bush.

And it is not only followers of the democrats who are likely not to be so keen on seeing Bush in the White House as he has already been seen as a controversial figure when it comes to issues relating to education by members of his own Republican party.

It is thought that Jeb Bush will run a campaign based heavily on immigration which will be a key point during the 2016 election.

Jeb Bush may carry a famous political family name but he does not emulate those went before him in every way.

He is known within political arenas for his moderate conservative, pro-immigration and education reform ideals.  Unlike other conservative republicans he has a different view on immigration perhaps largely due to himself being married to a Mexican born wife and speaking excellent Spanish himself.

Jeb Bush has spent some eight years as Florida governor, until 2007 and in that time he overhauled the state’s education system and pushed for substantial tax cuts.

However while Jeb may have a familiar name there could well be another well known name making a run for President if the former First Lady and US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton decides to put her name into the ring.

Hillary Clinton is currently the frontrunner for the 2016 Democratic ticket and if elected would become the first female in the White House.

Jeb Bush has become the first major candidate for the Republican party to make his intentions for the White House known and opens ip the race to become president in 2016.

According to the BBC, his committee, named Leadership PAC, will help “support leaders, ideas and policies that will expand opportunity and prosperity for all Americans”.


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  • Michelleme

    hahahaha no way, not going to happen. honestly America was so frustrated with the last Bush, I just don’t see this going through even if he’s different than his brother.

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