jeb-bush-ustodayRepublican Presidential contender Jeb Bush on Tuesday attacked Hillary Clinton for being unsuccessful during her incumbency of the U.S. Secretary of State Office in regard to foreign policy towards Iraq.

He made a major speech at the Ronald Reagan presidential library aimed to set an agenda on foreign policy and tried to eliminate the past of his brother, former President George W. Bush of the decision to invade Iraq and put boots on the great. In an attempt to strengthen out his mixed up statements so far in stumbling at the answer whether he would follow his brother’s and father’s policies, he blamed the Obama administration for a grave mistake in pulling troops out of Iraq and according to Reuters and has said he would make a new path to the Middle Eastern region and replace President Barack Obama’s “minimalist approach of incremental escalation.” He suggested to install “spotters” to search for enemy targets, something Obama has been resisting to do in order to avoid changing the level of involvement in Syria and Iraq. Bush even added that he would deploy further U.S. troops to join the ones already there and put the U.S. Marines in the Special Forces, similar to what Canadians are doing.

According to Reuters, he stated “Right now, we have around 3,500 soldiers and marines in Iraq and more may well be needed. We do not need, and our friends do not ask for, a major commitment of American combat forces.” He added that he would enhance the support for the Kurds in Turkey that are fighting the Islamic State and create a no-fly zone in Syria to defeat Syrian President Bashar al-Assad.

In a comment which was seen to be an attempt to deflect blame for Republican policies,  he made it Obama’s fault for pulling troops out of Iraq. This has been proven to be untrue, as it was his brother who was attempting to negotiate a Status of Forces agreement with the Iraqi leadership and demanded that the American troops who have stayed on grounds remain immune for all prosecution for any violations. The Iraqi government resisted giving further immunity and the United States said that with no immunity, there will be no troops.

Former Governor of Florida, Bush’s attempt at a dig on the Clinton camp at this point at their bid for the White House, was weak due to frontrunner for the Democratic Party nomination, Hillary Clinton’s record in foreign policy.

According to Reuters, Clinton’s foreign policy adviser, Jake Sullivan, defender Clinton and issued a statement saying that the former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has a very successful track record in Iraq for replacing U.S. military presence with a civilian one. He stated “They key issue is not how many times does the plane touch down at the airport. It’s how intensive and effective is the engagement that leads to progress. He added that Jeb Bush was trying to “rewrite history”, because it was George W. Bush who set 2011 as the date of a U.S. withdrawal.

Bush is eager to join Donald Trump in comments against Iraq and ISIS to put more boots on the ground and rebuild the military in order to promote the United States in a more hawkish way as an answer to the problems, all in the favor of joining in the campaign of Trump’s antics that made him a frontrunner for the Republican Party in the 2016 Elections.


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