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Republican Presidential candidate Jeb Bush is under attack from Democrats for using the term ‘anchor babies’ describing the children born within the United States to immigrant families who have immigrated illegally. He keeps his stand that his comment is in place.

While doing a radio interview with Bill Bennett this week, Jeb Bush used the phrase that is considered by many a very derogatory term for immigrant families. He used the platform to call for a better enforcement so that anchor babies never happen again.

Republicans often use the term ‘anchor babies’ to refer to the current immigration policy of the Obama administration and how it is used by foreigners to come to the country illegally and have children in order to obtain American citizenship.

To make the matters worse for Bush, he was a co-chair of a conservative group, the Hispanic Leadership Network when they issued a memo of a list of offensive terms, which included the term ‘anchor babies’. This means he was fully aware of the nature of the term.

According to Reuters, while Bush was campaigning in a town hall in New Hampshire for his run for the 2016 Elections, he was asked by a reporter whether he regrets using the term, because it is used in offensive speech. He stated that he does not regret the usage and said “You give me a better term and I will use it.”

He simplified his response by stating that the phrase is used by many others and that he was simply borrowing the term to describe an immigration problem. According to Reuters, during a report question on Thursday on whether he thought the term is seen as bombastic, he said that it wasn’t, because it is commonly used. He added “I didn’t use it as my own language.”

However, Democrats were quick to respond to this tasteless comment made by Bush and Democrat Presidential frontrunner Hillary Clinton tweeted on Wednesday that the actual term was ‘babies’ and offered simple alternatives “children” or “American citizens”. According to Reuters, she tweeted “They are called babies.”

Donald Trump, the Republican Presidential frontrunner has used the term as well in addition to his rants against Mexican people and vowing to secure a wall on the U.S. – Mexican border. However, not all Republicans agree with the derogatory term, according to Reuters, Presidential hopeful and Senator Marco Rubio during a CNBC interview on Thursday said “Those are human beings, and ultimately they are people.”

Having a Latino wife who became an American citizen and half-Mexican children who were born in the United States, Jeb Bush will face an immense backlash from the Latino community for using derogatory words aimed at illegal immigration policy.


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