"jeb bush election campaign"Republican White House hopeful, Jeb Bush, has launched his official campaign rally Monday in Florida. He acknowledged the Republican Party conservative principles, but sought the vote of moderates and the Hispanic community.

Speaking from the Miami Dade College, the former Florida Governor has announced his 2016 Elections run, nearly six months after he mentioned a possible candidacy and has joined the Republican pack of 10 more White House bidders. He has been raising large amounts of campaign money to this moment.

Jeb Bush, 62, a son of former U.S. President George H. W. Bush and brother of former U.S. President George W. Bush, had a number of Republican points to which the public has grown accustomed to. From attacks on big government, to free corporations and a stronger role of American politics in the world, he mostly attacked the Democrat Party.

The rhetoric he used expanded with a promise of challenging the Washington political culture and stated that he is for a massive reform. This can be interpreted with him wanting to step out of the shadow his father and brother have cast and show that there is more to the Bush family.

According to Reuters, Jeb Bush said that “We do not need another president who merely holds the top spot among the pampered elites of Washington. We need a president willing to challenge and disrupt the whole culture in our nation’s capital.”

Jeb Bush has married a Mexican, which he did not leave out of his speech, reminding the Latino community that he is strong on immigration policy and that he welcomes them to help in his campaign so that they receive the welcome back. However, during his speech there were pro-immigration reform protestors.

He stated “As a candidate, I intend to let everyone hear my message, including the many who express their love of country in different language.”

The voting trend from the Latino community has always been against the Republican candidates, with Mitt Romney receiving 27 percent of Hispanic voters in 2012, John McCain having received 31 percent in 2008 and George W. Bush with 44 percent in 2004.

Bush attacked Democrat Presidential front-runner Hillary Clinton stating that she has made enemies and many crises, however his own record is showing that he has always supported his brother’s actions and even stumbled on a question if he would have repeated George W. Bush’s Iraqi war, to which he replied that he would, only to change his mind few days later and state that he would not, because of new available information.

Debbie Wasserman Schultz, head of the Democratic National Committee has stated “We already know what to expect from a Bush presidency, because we’ve seen it before. Jeb Bush supported his brother’s disastrous economic and foreign policies that made us weaker at home and abroad.”

Jeb Bush is trying to alienate himself from the Bush name, using the Jeb! Slogan and having no family members attend his White House bid launch, except for his mother, Barbara Bush. Having the early lead in the Republican nominations, Jeb Bush has fallen short of support in the previous month. The former Florida Governor, who has been out of politics for nearly a decade, is on a long run to promote himself as his own man and not suffer from the Bush family bad reputation.


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