(Photo Credit: Mark J. Terril/AP)  Former Florida Governor Jeb Bush reiterated his attack on rival Republican candidate for President Marco Rubio, for missing Senate votes and contributing to the Washington gridlock.

Bush attacked Rubio for not demonstrating the leadership needed to surpass the partisan division and said that he does not have the level of accomplishment to really be in the White House.

According to Reuters, while being on NBC’s “Meet the Press” on Sunday Bush stated “In this era of gridlock, it’s really hard to break through and I think he’s given up. And I think that’s the wrong thing to do.” He added “this is about public service, about solving problems. I can change the culture in Washington.”

Bush and Rubio clashed over this matter at the last Republican Presidential debate, when Jeb Bush criticized Marco Rubio for missing Senate votes because of his campaigning schedule and even suggested that Rubio resigns his position and give it up to someone more interested in the public service.

However, Rubio defended himself for taking a more aggressive stance against Democratic frontrunner Hillary Clinton stating that he was more interested in destroying Clinton at the general elections, than voting on some unimportant legislation in the Senate.

According to Reuters, Rubio stated “The truth is, I don’t like missing votes, but what I would really hate is to wake up on the first Wednesday of November to the news that Hillary Clinton has been elected President.” He also added “Far too many votes today in the Senate are predetermined. We know what the outcome is going to be. It’s being done for messaging purposes, but it’s never going to pass.”

Rubio even attacked Bush for his struggling time with his campaign for the 2016 Elections, joining Trump in saying that Bush does not have the energy to be the President. During the GOP debate on Wednesday night, Rubio stated that Bush is only attacking his Senate voting record because someone has told him that by attacking him he would help his own struggling campaign. He said he does not wish to badmouth Bush, but indirectly said that even though Bush has a great record as Governor, he is not the one to face the challenges of America today.

According to Reuters, Bush defended himself stating “I have enough self-awareness to know that this is the bumpy time of a campaign. This is the process. I totally understand it, and I am more than prepared to fight on.”

Bush has fallen behind at the national polls, with Trump and Carson in dead heat for the Republican nomination, followed by Rubio and Cruz, who have commanded the stage at the last Republican debate, leaving Bush well behind.



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