"jeb bush shy"Jeb Bush will make an official announcement on the 15th of June in Miami that he will be running in the 2016 Presidential Elections. He will finally make an official start to his campaign that has been getting Republican support in recent months and will join the great number of GOP hopefuls.

Republicans were expecting that he will announce his candidacy in July, gathering more time to raise money for this campaign with his well-funded Right to Rise PAC, but it seems that he is done testing the waters and has finished strategizing in his non-campaign all over the country.

Bush took to Twitter on Thursday morning and tweeted “Coming Soon” and has attached a link to a web site with the date of June 15th. He is expected to make a speech in Miami at a 3 PM event at the Miami Dade College.

Jeb Bush being the son of the 41st and brother of the 43rd President of the United States, has been gathering support and donations from the Republican elites since the last months of 2014. Without being the official frontrunner of the Republican Party for the 2016 Elections, he enjoys immense support. However, even with his lead in the money race, he still has to overcome the support that his rivals have, primarily Marco Rubio, Scott Walker and Rand Paul.

According to source from Reuters, the Bush campaign is aware of the strong rivals he has in the GOP and Bush spokesman Tim Miller has stated “We expect that should he get into this race that it is going to be very competitive from the start and it is going to be a very long race. It is obviously a very big field and also a field of very talented Republicans. That is just the reality of the state of play.”

In recent weeks, Bush has received criticism on not having a strong opinion on the war in Iraq and has stumbled in expressing his principle whether he would have done the same thing as his brother, George W. Bush has done and first stated that he would have done, but later changed his opinion and said that things are different now and new facts should be taken into consideration.

He is also criticized by conservative Republicans on having a moderate view on the topic of illegal immigration and Common Core education standards.

Jeb Bush, a former Florida governor has to stand a home-state battle in Florida with his former protégé and a strong Republican Presidential candidate, Florida Senator Marco Rubio, who enjoys a 14% poll results in respect to the 13% Bush has.

Faced with a hard battle in states such as Iowa, with a strong conservative force, he has to garner support from the Latino community, with which he has strong ties and who will bring him a great chance to win the Republican Presidential candidacy.


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