Republican Presidential contender Jeb Bush made his first direct attack on the frontrunner for the Republican Presidential nomination Donald Trump. His campaign team on Tuesday issued a video of Trump‘s past record of Democratic support and with that intensified the GOP primary race.

Former Florida Governor Jeb Bush’s campaign used old video material of real estate mogul and businessman Donald Trump of his days supporting Hillary Clinton and identifying as a Democrat and named it “Liberal Things That Trump Says”.

According to Reuters, Bush has issued the video as a response to the Trump campaign issuing an attack video on Jeb Bush and his immigration policy, that Bush calls “an act of love”. Trump’s video showed mug shots of three illegal immigrants convicted of murder.

As retaliation to the insult and personal attack, as Bush perceives it to be, he issued his own video of Trump stating his support for the Democrat Hillary Clinton. The video shows him praising the Democratic frontrunner as a good negotiator on Iran. This is a blow aimed at Trump’s campaign in time of Republicans rejecting the Iran nuclear deal.

According to Reuters, Bush said “If you look at the record of what Trump believes, he supports Democrats. This is not a guy who is a conservative.” He also added “And using his own words is not mischaracterization. It came out of his own mouth.”

However, Trump got the chance to answer the allegations and according to Reuters, Trump during a CNN interview, explained his ideology change and said “At one point, I was a Democrat for a period of time. In New York City everybody was a Democrat practically.” He also added “Over the years as Ronald Reagan changed, I also changed. I became much more conservative. I also became a Republican.”

Trump took to Twitter to respond to Jeb Bush’s campaign yet again with a series of tweets stating that this is just another low blow of a failed politicians and a failed Presidential campaign. He also called on Jeb Bush not to embarrass himself and sink as low as others have done in attacking his Presidential campaign.

Bush had been enjoying great support from his Republican constituents up until Donald Trump made his campaign run for 2016 Elections and quickly cultivated a tough image among conservative Republicans of being anti-immigration and because of his interventionist foreign policy. Bush has even fallen behind Trump and is now in third place with 9.5%, while Trump is leading the packed Republican field of Presidential candidate at 26.5%.

The video that was issued by Bush is the first attack aimed at Trump. Bush and other Republicans have avoided clashing with Trump, because of Trump’s political incorrectness and what would a direct confrontation mean for the next Republican debate that is set for the 16th of September in California.


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