Former Senator Jim Webb ended his race for the Democrat nomination for the 2016 Elections on Tuesday and said he will be exploring a possible White House bid as an independent.

The former Senator of Virginia said that he and Americans were “disgusted” by the partisan politics in the Presidential campaigns and that there was no place for an “honest broker” like him.

According to Reuters, he stated “I am not going away; I am thinking about all my options.” He also added “Americans don’t like the extremes to which both parties have moved in recent years and, quite frankly, neither do I.”

Webb’s more conservative stances were not supported by the liberal Democrats and he barely registered in the opinion polls with primary voters. He did not have any momentum at the first Democratic Presidential debate on CNN and all that the audience got from him were his complaints that he was not given enough time to speak out, even though he did not delve into any particular policy.

Webb’s decision to drop out of the Democratic Presidential race and to explore a possible run as an independent, does not endanger the Democratic nominee, because he has a very low percentage of support and would not create a significant division in the Democratic electorate.

Webb was marginalized by the Democratic establishment for having more fiscally conservative policies, but also was not exactly socially liberal because of his stances on gun control and taxes.

His possible run as an independent was announced at the National Press Club with a headline that said “Jim Webb To Consider Independent Run”. He acknowledged that an independent run has never been successful in the history of American Presidential elections, but he added that he is hopeful that 2016 could be a bit different.

According to Reuters, he stated “Because of the paralysis in our two parties, there is a time when conceivably an independent candidacy actually could win. And those are the questions we’re going to be asking.”

Jim Webb was a Senator from 2006 to 2012 and has authored 10 books and is an Emmy award winning filmmaker and journalist. He served in the Vietnam War and is a decorated war hero. During the Ronald Reagan Republican Presidency he was Secretary of the Navy and is well known for his stances against the American foreign policy.

Webb is joined in the Democratic race by other low-polling Democrats like Martin O’Malley, and Lincoln Chafee, while Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont is going head to head with frontrunner Hillary Clinton.


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