U.S. Vice President Joe Biden seems to be evaluating his support among Democrats for a possible White House run. He met with Senator Elizabeth Warren to discuss his possible candidacy for the 2016 Elections.

Joe Biden seems to be seriously contemplating running for President, because he met with Democrat Senator Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts in Washington and his office declined to comment but stated that he was taking a trip from his home in Delaware to Washington to attend a private meeting. According to Reuters, a White House official said “The Vice President traveled last minute to Washington, DC, for a private meeting and will be returning to Delaware.”

Warren who has declined to run for President herself enjoys much support among liberals and a lot of progressive Democrats are supporting her, which means those groups would be essential for a win in early voting states. Biden has been a supporter of the middle class, just like Warren, who has yet to announce her endorsement of a Democratic candidate. Her choice will be tough, since the frontrunner for the Democratic Party’s Presidential nomination Hillary Clinton has made revival of the middle class a key point in her White House campaign.

According to Reuters, David Axelrod, the chief strategist of Obama said “He has a resume second to none. He’s been an extraordinary partner to this President. And economic viability of the middle class has been his focus and concern throughout his career.” However he added that it would be a long shot since Biden is far behind Hillary Clinton in campaigning and fundraising. He stated “That said, he’s well behind the frontrunner in polling, money and organization. Unless the picture changes dramatically, it would be a heavy lift.”

A Super PAC called Draft Biden is making some basic strategies in case Bide decided to run for President, which means he wouldn’t be that far behind. According to Reuters, a Draft Biden adviser Steve Schale said “All of a sudden the vice president’s exceptionally serious. Our job is to make sure that if he makes the decision to run, there’s a little bit of infrastructure in place for him to hit the ground.”

Besides infrastructure, fundraising and strategy, another consideration to take into account is the Biden family loss of his son, Beau Biden, a couple of months ago and the Vice President’s still mourning for the loss.


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